Thursday, 26 February 2015





Because the majority of grandchildren are no longer a child, not yet a parent, the few kids around got all the attention!

No, the adults can't leave the babies alone.

We know we're real adults when we're allowed to take the little ones out to the markets sans their parents! I felt a bit guilty letting Fion drink food colouring + sugar sold as 'susu tembikai', but once a year won't kill her.

35 sen / satay! So cheap! But you really get what you get for. Tiny pieces of meat..

Kaya balls!

Not as delicious as the ones from Jusco from childhood, but still.. kaya balls!

Zeff OS: 干嘛一直弄人家啦!~
Spent the day crying because ah gong is unwell despite looking peachy just a week ago.

V tired.

Didn't even finish my lunch. #nowthatsmajor

Can't wait to rest my puffy eyes.

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