Tuesday, 3 February 2015

circa 2012

Kitty suddenly shared these photos some time ago. I think these were taken at her birthday party in 2012.

The girls loved the first photo, and suggested it as a 'look' to aspire to. Too late, I'm a faux orange-blonde now.

As for the second.. well, when Soph's boy Thomas saw it, he'd joked, 'Who is this gangster?'

Very nicely summed.

I used to wear a lot of eye makeup, now I only wear makeup on special occasions.

When I started buying wire-free exclusively, giving up my previous obsession with push-ups, I knew I had entered a new phase in life.

Makeup-and-wire-free, I am the last single gal in our little girl group.

Doesn't help that I have 被害妄想症。

One night after running I was waiting at a red light when this guy, impressed with my then-pink hair, started talking to me. We took the train to Town Hall together, and all the while I could only think,

Please don't rob me.

I prayed, God, please don't let him rob me. while clutching my bag super tightly.

Thankfully, he merely asked me if I would like to watch a movie together.

'Not now! You can pick a day.'

What? So you can have another chance to rob me?! STOP IT MIN. HE'S NOT GOING TO ROB YOU. Ooh, you never know..

'No, sorry.'

I think growing up in KL and having 2 mobiles stolen in 2 years in Sydney has scarred me for life.

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