Tuesday, 24 February 2015

cny eve 2015

a boutique in Yong Peng

actually i never used to frequent boutiques like this one but now it looks cute to me, so different from the charming, carefully designed ones in Sydney.

we bought new clothes here on CNY Eve, on the way to popo's.

a super Malaysian kampung boutique experience, complete with madly whirring ceiling fans, a Cambodian assistant who speaks Malay and Chinese, and a taukesoh who knows my mum.

mum loves buying clothes! she bought me 2 dresses and 2 tops. (i returned to Sydney this time with 15 dresses, 10 tops and 3 pairs of pants in total this time, all courtesy of mum!) i can get by for a month without doing laundry with all the new clothes!

according to mum i dress like a granny orz. that's because i leave all my young, revealing dresses back in Sydney and only wear conservative clothes in Malaysia ok!


Reunion lunch at popo's
Usually we have a reunion lunch at popo's followed by reunion dinner at ahma's.

Popo's old house is like an oven, there are flies everywhere and the tap in the dining room is broken, but i also found everything very cute.

The sake was very good.

Unfortunately 公公 was hooked up to an oxygen machine on a hospital bed in the living room, and 婆婆 spends most of her time sitting on the sofa in the living room quietly when not coughing violently. (Occasionally she shouts at my younger cousins when they are blocking the TV/ playing too rough, which I also find endearing.)

So things are kind of different from past years.

Reunion dinner at ahma's
Why did I not take photos with my cousins? I don't know. I forgot.


Bro joining in the festivities


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