Sunday, 1 February 2015

Friday night, Bul-ssang

There are many things I just do not grasp in life. What is the meaning of life? Why are some people so deeply unhappy? What's up with contemporary dance?

Friday night, J and I went to watch Bul-ssang by the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company. Overall it was good, but I CANNOT TAHAN when people dance to no music. It makes all my hairs stand on end and I get goosebumps all over.

Thank God the silent dancing part was only at the beginning, then we had cool music from the cool DJ onstage with the cool MacBook.

But really, both J and I have no clue what the dance was about. That's normal for me - I can't 'get' contemporary dance and I can't 'get' ballets until I read the program.

'We'll go home and read the programs.' we decided.

After the dance we had dinner at Ichimaru. I don't usually take food photos when dining with people but I had to because Ichimaru was closing down! In fact it has already ceased operations as I type this.

Whatever's sold out sold out forever!
Miso ramen
Fats on pork can be tricky - I don't love them all. The fat can be incredibly aromatic or.. really gross. The fat on the roast pork in my miso ramen was the former - a bit jelly-like at first, then it literally melts on your tongue.

Then I went home and saw this in the mirror -

Evidently all my (so-called waterproof) mascara had decided to take a little holiday down south to under my eyes.

So I spent all night looking like a panda and nobody said anything. WHY.

But whatever, I usually check my makeup and CAYG* when on a date** with boys I fancy so not too horrifying to look ugly in front of platonic guy friends.

*Starbucks term - Clean As You Go

**1 boy + 1 girl = date (K's definition)
1 boy + 1 girl [at night] = date (Kitty's definition)
1 boy + 1 girl [daytime] = junior date (Kitty's definition) I know, I'm scratching my head over this as well.
1 boy [who pays] + 1 girl = date (M definition)
There is a further breakdown based on race and where the boy grew up, but I shall spare you the pain - as long as you always tell me when my makeup is running/I have veg stuck in my teeth.

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