Monday, 9 February 2015

shit girls say

On the whole I trust my girlfriends, except when it comes to food stuck between teeth - they never say anything. When my makeup melts they tell me sometimes. And they can get tough and yank me out of my blues when I get them.

But boys! It is one subject where I have to fend for myself.

Case #1

They don't believe in platonic friendships, and get excited when I go out with my guy friends one-on-one. Okay this is kinda cute, but they should believe me when I say there is nothing remotely romantic about my hangouts.

Case #2

One day D was late for an hour. While the girls were making their case for case #1 over the fact that we attended a performance together (although that's all we ever do), I said, 'No. Guys are not late for an hour when it's a date.' In fact he should not be late at all, even for a platonic friend(对我是相当记仇的人)。

Do you know what the girls replied to my, 'D was an hour late.'?

'I think he likes you,' they chorused.

'I think he likes you.'

'D was an hour late.'

'I think he likes you.'

He was an hour late = he likes you.

See why I don't trust the girls re boys?

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