Thursday, 12 March 2015

february 2015

oh my sis so cute!

and my chemically abused hair .. i love it!

Karaoke with my cousins.

Deep fried coconut ubi? 
 From Rengit. Not to my taste though.

Vietnamese coffee. Yum!


Lion dance!

Lontong, Sri Medan
 We had 5 lontongs + eggs, 4 rotis, 2 teh tariks, 1 sotong sambal.

Guess how much it cost?


;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;;

;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;;

;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;;

(This woman wanna spill or not!)

;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;;


Yummy and cheap!

Japanese Kit Kats

Look at how dense this foam is!

too cool for school Egg Mousse Pack.

supposed to be moisturising, but feels more like a deep cleanse((笑

I love pickled garlic but not this kind.

This is weird.

It's still in my fridge.

Korean funeral bier

There was a Korean funeral exhibition at KCO.

I attended the opening.

Apparently it's supposed to be a lucky thing to see one of these biers.

One of the women working on this exhibition got married!

We'll see about that.

Korean family tree
Good coffee at Wynyard
So cute.

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