Saturday, 21 March 2015

love for adults

the older one gets the more one realises how work-intensive relationships are.

even with friends, we schedule and schedule before us girls can catch up.

i haven't seen my uni bestie in almost 2 years!

and when i hear about love relationships of family and friends, it makes me feel so grateful to be #foreveralone!

one of my many love philosophies is that when you're crazy in love with a guy who doesn't reciprocate, you should.. throw yourself - at him, not off the Harbour Bridge.

my normal girlfriends are all feminists who are all about self-respect.

the problem is when Crazy in Love happens, women just cannot think about self-respect, dump the a****** and move on in a dignified manner.

as i grow up - at the risk of sounding pure bananas - i have learned that women are crazy when it comes to relationships.

the only way for a crazy woman to manage all the madness of being a jilted lover is to throw yourself at the guy. make yourself annoying. call him. 一哭二闹三上吊。make him hate you. make him hate you so much that you run out of excuses and accept that he's just not that into you! make him avoid you.

if he uses you, there will come a day when you're so scarred and exhausted that you want out. or you get so despondent that you write to Elle's E-Jean for advice. follow her advice.

most human beings are not wired for long-term suffering. your self-preservation mode will surface and save you. (or his self-preservation mode will surface and he will take out a restraining order on you).

cry. starve yourself. become skinny and beautiful. go on hot dates with average-looking guys (lucky to find one of those in SYD).

secret of adulthood - logic doesn't work all the time.

(but sometimes i wonder if i should be allowed to give my alt advice to friends.)

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