Monday, 9 March 2015

Wet & Wild Sydney + Boon Cafe

Last Saturday I went to Wet & Wild Sydney -

I'd wanted to sit home and sulk but I'd already bought the ticket awhile ago so.. it was good. I probably over-exerted myself by showing up before the gates opened, and staying until closing time.

We had enough time to go on a few of the slides multiple times. The slides were fun but the freaky 360 degree one wasn't operating. Thank God! I'm scared.

Half pipe

Fake beach - in a city of real beaches
On Sunday I woke up sore all over from all the physical exertion.

'You got tired from going down slides?' 

Man, it's hard work lugging floats up tall flights of stairs then holding tightly while you slide down!

Okay the boys probably had it tougher.

On Sunday I had agreed to meet friends to have brunch and play Wii. (I love Wii Boxing).

Boon Cafe 
 Boon Cafe is affiliated with Chat Thai, and is housed together with an upscale Thai grocer.

It's a bit tight but still pretty.

Very Sydney hipster.

I had kaffe yen (iced coffee with caramelised milk, AUD5) and nahm prik ong (northern region spicy pork, tomato relish, soft herb, cucumber and pickled salad with rice, AUD11).

The rice is not the usual Thai white rice, but round, plump, rather dense and filling grains which reminds me a bit of barley. It's so filling I only had 3 pieces of salmon sashimi for dinner and felt fine.

I'm trying to stick to the cheapest menu item because I fell in love with Gentle Monster Didi D 01 recently - I have had green mould growing on my current sunnies for awhile now and am thinking of getting new shades.

Plus it's easier to make decisions this way((笑

美丽的GM Didi D 01,why you cost USD270?!
Actually USD270 is reasonable..

Why AUD depreciating?!

Anyway, more physical exertion.

Wii Boxing is hands down the most exhausting game ever. But so fun!

(Or maybe it's because I'm just punching blindly without skill) ((小声

But today my body hurts even more.

When I cough my back aches.

When I lift my arms to dress myself.. wow the pain is unreal.

Because my current read is Murakami's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, I got it into my head that the cure for my aching body is.. running!

I reckon the motion and heat will warm and loosen my muscles.

I still hurt.

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