Saturday, 11 April 2015

Easter at Coffs Harbour 1

After 1.5 years I finally went on holiday!

Going home isn't a real holiday, one gets bogged down by all the little errands, like dentist appointments, toiletries shopping etc.

I've only been on 1 other road trip with friends, so I was pretty psyched about this one! Jon drove me, Sally and Barbs. I offered to drive but he (wisely) declined. The night before I actually drove on the tram tracks, and when I realised my mistake I panicked and ran 2 red lights, causing distress to the poor pedestrians crossing the road. My eyesight is deteriorating, it's scary.

Picture time!


we drove and drove, and stopped along the way so Jon could rest. what an alien concept - in Malaysia dad never seemed to stop driving, unless if it were for a toilet break or for a meal.

our only touristy activity of the day was Bago Maze, where an old man with a blind eye seemed to be running a busy one-man show.

it was a pretty cool maze, big and difficult to get out of!

we were supposed to be on an Easter treasure hunt but because it was getting late, we decided that our priority is to exit the maze without cheating.

i walked with Barbs, which was fun because she's easy to scare. all i have to do is let her lead the way, let myself fall back and hide behind a hedge while she continues talking to me. then she'll realise i'm not behind her and start yelling while backtracking, 'min? min!' which is my cue to jump out while shouting, 'BOOO!!!'

scaring people is so. much. fun.

in the end neither of us displayed any aptitude for directions, and followed the rest of the gang out. oops 本来想当 lone wolf 结果变跟尾狗一直被笑((气

at least Barbs and i got some red coins which nobody found. but everybody got the same cheap chocolates in exchange for the treasure coins.

it would've been nice to try some wines but it was getting dark so we continued on our way to Coffs.

when we arrived at the retreat it was already night. i can't believe i had 0 photos of the house!

we rented a 4-bedroom house in the middle of the woods.

the house was huge, the air was cold, and when everybody was busy splitting rooms, unloading cars and preparing to cook, it felt like i was 4 again and staying at the lodge at the foot of Mt Kinabalu with lots of family.

the downside was that the woods were infested with mosquitoes, so we had to keep the many French doors tightly shut :((

when we started cooking all the smoke indoors was super gross.

after a yummy dinner - so fun to sit at a table of 10 - we chilled.

i shared a room with Barbs and went to bed earlier than her. unfortunately i sat up in bed in my sleep and sleep-talked (sleep-mumbled, really) which gave her a bit of a shock. i'm usually a quiet sleeper so i was a bit surprised myself.

need. to. stop. dreaming.

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