Saturday, 18 April 2015

how i became and unbecame dutch over coffee

recently a Dutch intern joined our office.

on her second day, our manager asked, 'who wants coff-?' as he was stepping out of the office.

'is it free? are you paying?' i'd asked immediately.

'wow! you are a Dutch girl!' the real Dutch girl quipped.

'omg Dutch girl with Chinese blood! can't imagine a more potent combination than that!'

"that's where the term 'going Dutch' came from!"

'Dutch people are very.. staingy.. you know?'

''you mean 'stingy'?"

'yes, hahaha!'

'actually, not all Dutch people are stingy.'

'can i have a cappuccino?'

'what? really?'

'yeah.. why?'

'i'll have a soy flat white then.'

'ugh, my coffee tastes funny. i think i'm drinking your coffee.'

'let's swap.'

'why do you drink soy? it tastes so bad.'

'it's weird.'

'i don't like milk.'

'you don't like milk?! what?! oh no, then you're not Dutch!'

apparently Dutch people drink buttermilk.

like the bloody buttermilk i tried to DIY for today's peanut butter snack cake.

epic failure.

i haven't had any baking luck with this house's oven :'(

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