Wednesday, 15 April 2015

the matrix

every day my manager keeps telling me how good Stan is, and how i should totally get it!

recently there really wasn't anything to watch at all, so i signed up for a free trial.

omg it's so good.

i've watched -

four weddings and a funeral


the matrix

original sin

the matrix was so good! i kinda recall bits and pieces from watching it in primary/high school but never in one sitting with minimal distraction.

you know me - a part of me is always regarding the world with a sort of detached suspicion. but another part is very pragmatic (thank goodness!) so i guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that i love the matrix! (although.. what's up with Agent Smith? how can he be sick of the matrix? he is the matrix!.. isn't he?)

so.. after the movie, i was lying on my bed and thinking, am i in the matrix? or.. am i just a made-up character in somebody's Sims game? maybe all this, my life, isn't real.


why don't you place your hand on a chopping board..


take out your Ikea knife..


and chop off all your fingers.. then you'll know for sure whether you're in the matrix or in Australia, 2015.

okay, okay, i'm in Australia, 2015.

cut the crazy please.

太帅了,放 2 次

Keanu Reeves!!! i'm probably 15 years late to this party, but better late than never!! i Googled him - he has Chinese blood! a point which i'd excitedly brought up with the new intern at work.

intern: 'ahh, you like Chinese!'

m: 'yes! do you like Dutch?'

intern: 'i'm okay, i like brown hair and blue eyes!'

m: 'ooh, it's very rare to have brown hair and blue eyes!'

intern: 'there's a lot in the Netherlands!'

m: 'i like blond hair! platinum!'

intern: 'oh no! we have a lot in the Netherlands! blond hair is stupid!'


it's nice to have another girl in the office.

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