Sunday, 3 May 2015

April 2015

On Friday I was talking to my manager when I had a moment.

I have been experiencing these moments more and more recently - one Saturday I was chattering away to Dan when I had one and suddenly stopped.

'What?' he'd asked.

'I lost my train of thought.'


'What was I talking about?' Seriously I cannot remember, although I did remember it was something important - I haven't talked so passionately in a long time.

'You were saying The Matrix was too hard on Neo.. ' (Sorry Dan that you have to listen to my 'passionate' talks. But you're the only one who will indulge my Matrix obsession.)

Back to Friday. My manager and I were talking about this and that, and I'd wondered aloud, 'Is it May now?'

'Yes, Min.' (Thanks, intern.)

Ugh. Can't believe it. A month closer to death and I have yet to make any progress in life.

Hello Fresh
 I tried Hello Fresh, a meal-planning/ingredient-delivery service. I love it because it's so easy - you just follow the instructions in the recipe booklet using the ingredients delivered in exact amounts, and you'll get to sample new cuisines. (I learned that vinegar makes everything taste better!)

However, it's not cheap, so I'm back to ordering groceries from Aussie Farmers Direct, which I don't really like. It isn't exactly cheap, but still, it's less expensive.

I also met up with Martica after 3 years! I'd actually driven to pick her up from her hotel in the middle of nowhere, and we'd gone to the city to visit her old haunts.

Roti kok
Being a polite Taiwanese, Martica had generously brought gifts and bought dinner. Gifts included delicious roti kok (which I'm gonna stock up on in July), a cute tea-strainer, face masks and face masks -

Sitting still
April birthday (Keene)
The funny thing about Keene's birthday is that I took it upon myself to organise his gift. Then people started asking me questions I can't answer, like -

When is his real birthday?
What's his cake preference?
What does he want for his birthday?
What's his occupation?
How old will he be?

When they discover I know nothing about him, they're like, why are you organising his gift anyway?!

Because if I organised my own birthday party and everybody showed up sans gift I would cry.

Despite him and Soph sharing a birthday, I probably exerted less effort for Soph because.. she was already going on a romantic getaway with the love of her life her boyfriend whom she feels strong affection for. (The girls say I use 'love' too liberally. I do, but then I believe actions speak louder than words.)

So she's going to have a good birthday even if we exert little effort. That's what I think, anyway. Once people feel strong affection for someone, this singular person can have more influence over all the other people combined.

I'm over-thinking! (Crystal has been staying with me for the past 2 nights and already she's vomiting blood while listening to me speak. 'You over-think, Min!')


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