Saturday, 9 May 2015


I was cleaning my room the other night when I spotted this little buddy in my closet.

Have to admit it's a bit cute, all fat and stripey, but I was still afraid of it.

Apes came to the rescue again, picking it up and releasing it back into our backyard - which means I may meet Mr Gecko again in the future.

Last night was Dips' birthday, and I met people I haven't seen for awhile. To the typical question 'What's up?' I had no exciting answer, which calls for some rethinking about how I'm living.

Darn, I hate thinking about life. It makes me all sxxxxxxx.

Basically every day I wake at 7am, put in a load of laundry if necessary (you wouldn't believe the backlog I have from Sydney's rainy weekend), weigh myself then drink a mug of warm water.

Then it's shower, 4 sprays of Gypsy Water before getting dressed, checking the weather, selecting my outfit (omg this part can take forever), followed by a mug of hot lemon and honey.

After blow-drying my hair and 4 more spritzes of Gypsy Water (yes, exactly 4 each time, I have mild OCD) I leave for work around 9am, where I spend 3 hours laughing at the intern's jokes, the other 3 at my manager's and the remaining 1 at my colleague's. (I'm not sure if they're really that humorous or if I just laugh easy. But they try.)

Lunch is usually a group affair at Artarmon if we have a car, or I'll go to a nearby cafe with a book (Lean In atm. Reading the chapter on partnership with Dave and feeling bittersweet).

After work I go home, get my clothes from the clothesline in the backyard - all the while quaking in fear (it's dark and when it's windy the leaves rustle like they're alive and evil) then have my after-work snack.

If I'm on cooking duty I make dinner; if not I practice violin for 20 minutes. After that I'm supposed to be studying for my Coursera course and/or browsing through real estate, but more often than not I'm checking emails / reading blogs / streaming movies and/or TV shows / general lounging on my heated bed (the electric blanket isn't heating as well as it was though) for some navel-gazing and/or devising strategies to hook The Boy (omg it's so much hard work, I'm giving up).

At 10pm I shower and crawl back to my heated bed with a book and try to calm myself down for my 11pm bedtime. My friend says I dream every single night because of all the reading I do prior to sleeping, but I haven't yet found a better way to unwind at night, although I'd like to stop dreaming for awhile.

This is my life in autumn. Should be way more exciting, seeing as I'm single 'and ready to MINgle', as the intern said. But I can't tear myself away from my bed nooo~ (I'm not upgrading my electric blanket, as I fear I might be unable to leave my bed until September if I get a perfect one.)

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