Saturday, 2 May 2015

march 2015

Recently I missed my cousin's wedding. So I am sad/grumpy/sulky. Also feel very 委屈,but when I think about it nobody forced me to stay in Sydney. Nobody forced me not to attend this wedding. It's my own fault that I don't make enough to visit home more often.

NSW is not bad -

Black Star Pastry
Once I like something I rarely stray. Now you know how I can remain in love with the same boy for years and years and years and years and then some more years. I like Black Star, though this black sesame seed cake is too light for my palate.

This bear made me smile when I was a mess over ahgong's death.

Personality test - inaccurate
After logging 50k I stopped running. Oops.

Where we had our March birthday celebrations.

A diet book from my sis haha

And then..
Aqua S Tomato & Sea Salt Ice-Cream

After catching up with ex-colleagues one weeknight, Jennifer and I went to try Aqua S' ice-cream. The tomato is like frozen tomato juice, but the real highlight is sea salt! It's like food colouring which tastes like salted vanilla soft-serve. Yum! It's huge-ass, though, so sharing is mandatory.

Eleanor & Park
Sometimes I feel I should no longer be reading novels (somehow they feel like hobbies for the very young and/or very idle) but I loved Eleanor & Park. It's so pretty yet gritty. Kinda like Gypsy Water.

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