Thursday, 4 June 2015

super fulfilling day

actually i felt a bit dejected on Friday after the vertigo attack, so on Saturday i went all out - i woke at 6am and collapsed into bed at 2am. (i have great faith in my genes i.e.. eat well, stay active, and my body will recover on its own.)

i drove Katherine and Catherine to inspect a house with me in a place far, far away. it was nice having people with me for a change because i find it difficult to drive in unfamiliar places while trying to gauge the environment in a rented car.

but every time i say 'Katherine' in the car, they both respond haha!

after dropping Cat off, Kitty and i went to Chur Burger because she had a burger craving. despite my budget constraints, i'd wanted to visit Chur after reading this review so i gritted my teeth and forked out $16 for a pulled pork burger and shared sweet potato fries.

the burger doesn't look very big, but it was super filling. i don't think i finished it (and in winter, i finish everything). the restaurant wasn't very conducive to talking, due to the loud music and general din, plus i'd parked in a 1P spot, so we left after we could eat no more.

on the way to drop Kitty off, we saw the Vivid lights at University of Sydney, and spontaneously decided to drop by and check out the lights.

look at this Chinese uncle posing for my iPhone. hello uncle! ((waves

compared to Vivid lights i felt more drawn to these maxi fairy lights. we stayed for awhile until the cold got to my bare toes, then i drove Kitty home.. and went to Mazzie's!

she baked this awesome gluten-free cake from coconut-something and almond meal (2 ingredients i hate). she said it's too dry but Sisy described my expression as 'orgasmic' at first bite. Maz is so cool - she has a career, she's nice and always says the right things, she cooks well and runs marathons. you know, that's who i wanted to be.

we played mild drinking games (every Saturday people try to shove alcohol down my throat) until 1am when our eyelids started drooping. then i had to drive home because the rental car was due at 9am.

and i hereby declare i will not have any more late boozy Saturday nights because i need more focus for my violin class on Sundays - exams in August ((抖