Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sabah KK Day 1

Despite my best intentions to plan real holidays I always end up spending all my money and leave on my bi-annual trips home. I'd wanted to stick to a strict annual CNY trip but family's weddings are not to be missed!

After a gruelling day of flying (I'm really afraid of flying now, all this time squeezed into a tiny seat) I finally reached KK. Cousin Eugene picked me up at the airport at midnight with Fann (whom I haven't seen in 4 years! and whose first words were 'Fat ass!') and Tao. Eugene offered to drive us to have supper but I was ready to keel over from exhaustion.

3 July 

I woke early (thanks to the 2 hour time difference) and greeted my parents, who were already asleep when I reached last night. After hugs, they sort of froze and observed me, doing a visual weigh gauge before mum proclaimed, 'I think she lost a bit of weight!'

You can hear the whoosh as dad breathed a sigh of relief and agreed.

(The truth is that I probably gained weight since CNY, but thank goodness for my flattering sleep clothes! I recommend Korean clothes for slimming cuts.)

We day-tripped in KK, stopping over at the relatives' house to finalise the wedding emcee script. My mum was almost dying from anxiety that Tao and I would ''ruin Paul's wedding''. Seriously, she sounded so distraught I thought she was kidding.

How can we ruin Paul's wedding?! She thinks her daughters so powerful ah.

Plus the legal papers have been signed.

Plus if your wedding can be ruined by an emcee you need to rethink your marriage anyway.

(I knew she was just concerned because it's a once-in-a-lifetime event but anxiety can be contagious, and I'm usually pretty wired up already.)

We met little Gracie for the first time and were hopelessly charmed. She's not afraid of strangers at all and ate her food almost viciously, stopping only to grab our outstretched hands with her food-smeared fingers as a sign of goodwill.

Nathan couldn't remember me, and still looks too small to wear the Osh Kosh shirt I bought him from USA 3 years ago! (I must have bought a 10-year-old size.)

Something you don't see in the city

A man selling fish from the back of his Jeep.

We bought bananas and pineapples from a fruit stall and it's the most amazing thing to wake up in the morning, take a cold shower and eat pineapples for breakfast!

I love warm weather! Next year I shall try to take 2 weeks off in winter.