Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Celebrating 26 at Alpha Restaurant

I had a total of 3 celebrations for this year's birthday, the first being on -

24 July

Usually I think it's taboo to celebrate my birthday before the day has arrived. It feels like tempting fate. But KW will be away during my actual birthday, so I got over myself hahaha.

We had dinner at Alpha Restaurant, a fancy Greek restaurant on a quiet street in the city. (I'd wanted to go to yet another Korean restaurant, but KW'd said, 'But it's your birthday!' so I trawled travel guides for ideas.)

The restaurant was beautiful, but very busy hence unexpectedly noisy. The noise level is like that of a Korean restaurant which sells mixed soju and makgeoli. The girls almost had a breakdown, we could hardly talk. 

The food was excellent, though. We started with pita bread with organic chickpea hommous and melitzanosalata (smoked eggplant dip).

For mains we shared 
1. king prawns with spiced pumpkin orzo, chilli, feta 
2. wagyu beef keftedes with coriander yogurt, roast tomato saltsa
3. Greek spiced slow roasted lamb shoulder

Having never tried orzo before, we were fascinated by it's texture which feels like a cross between rice and pasta/noodles. (It's actually pasta.) The prawns were very fresh. I'm not a prawn person but it was very 弹牙,very 爽口。

The other 2 dishes were very flavoursome but the best has got to be orzo for me. 

The girls said the waiters are all quite good-looking but, you know me, they all just look ang moh to me, though our waiter was quite adorable.

The noise level is a turnoff, but the service there is fabulous. When the time had come for cake, our cute waiter had whispered to Soph 'Who's the birthday girl?'

Kitty had laughed and whispered back to the waiter 'What would you have done if it was [Soph's] birthday?'

The moment the cute waiter slid the cake with a candle flickering in front of me, singing happy birthday.. It was just so lovely! I loved it! 

You know how waiters tend to be very efficient (read: thinly veiled impatience) when taking photos for diners? Ours was a total sweetheart who even adjusted the cake so the bear is facing the camera -

So Soph tipped him generously hahaha.

The story behind this cake was - it had a 'suitable for kids' sign. The end. 

Thanks girls xo

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