Sunday, 9 August 2015


5 July

Fish paste noodles in tom yum soup
Dry noodles + spicy and sour soup with fish

On our last full day in Sabah, we had breakfast with our cousins. They grew up well! Very polite and clean. Especially mei-po, who is still fresh-faced. When I was her age I couldn't bear to go out without makeup.

After breakfast we drove to Kundasang, which was like an abandoned town after the earthquake.

It was drizzling so we couldn't go far. Tao bought expensive ice-cream and we breathed some fresh rainy mountaintop air.


Of course, I received an ubiquitous scolding from Mum. It must have been bad, because afterwards Dad, Tao and even Fann came to pat my shoulder. But honestly I felt nothing. Everything she said is what I have observed about myself in the past 2 years - I am underperforming compared to my peers.

I used to get angry/cry whenever I received a scolding because I was convinced that I will be good at life, and that her words were unwarranted. (Back then I was doing better, and I didn't like how she was comparing with people in completely different situations.) But now because she is just vocalising the unfiltered truth about my life, I have nothing to argue about.

It might sound harsh to others, but to me what she is saying sounds no more harmful than saying, 'You have 3 freckles on your face.' My newfound 'zen' (aka lack of dramatic response) is no less irksome, now it's all, 'You can't just agree to what I'm saying! You have to fix it.'

Of course I have to fix it. Do you think I like being anxious all the time?


On the way down we passed by some fruit stalls and stopped to buy some pineapples and bananas.

There were even red bananas - it's my first time seeing them.

I love Malaysian bananas, they seem to have a chewiness and springy texture which I don't find in Aussie supermarket bananas.

On the way back to KK we stopped at Tuaran for Tuaran noodles and to check out one of the temples. We stopped to admire the 9-storey Ling Sang Pagoda and wander around the colourful grounds. Dad gave a mini history lesson on the 3 statues of generals guarding the entrance. Apparently they came to be because a prince had murdered his brother to ascend the throne and had been so afraid that his brother's ghost would come haunt him he had his generals stand guard at his door.

There were also statues of the Eight Immortals. I remember loving the Singaporean TV show 八仙过海 Journey to the East which I watched as a kid, though the producers took some liberties with the story of White Peony.

Back in KK we took a short nap before joining the Lee family dinner. Here's Nathan being affectionate. The butter prawns were so delicious!

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