Saturday, 1 August 2015

Paul's wedding

4 July 


I don't know why food in Sydney just doesn't taste as good as Malaysian food.

On the big day we had noodles for breakfast and mum bought some rice.

I don't wanna jinx myself, but I think I am getting better at getting along with mum.

Basically you just speak her love language - she gets her kicks from buying lots of local produce on special. (Whenever I buy her things I emphasise that they were on special and I think that increases her enjoyment of the actual products.)

After breakfast, we drove to the museum, but there was a blackout due to the rain orz.

So we went home to nap and get ready to set out early so we can visit the coconut stalls on the way to Shangri-La.

Best food ever - coconut pudding
On the way to the wedding venue we stopped at roadside Filipino stalls for coconut refreshments.

Coconut pudding is one of my top eats in KK now! It's so fresh and fragrant!

Roasted coconut, coconut pudding, fresh coconut
We also tried roasted coconut juice, which tasted like coconut cookies. It's cooked by throwing old coconuts into a fire until the shell turns black.

Tao, grandma, moi
It was good to see the family!

And I was so moved that cousin Paul is getting married that I shed a few quiet tears at the tea ceremony.

We hung out at cousin Lyanna's suite after the tea ceremony.

Oh man, the photos.

I'd actually coloured my hair prior to flying back but the hard water in Malaysia just kills my hair. I wash my hair daily but they're still ropey clumps.

This was my first beach wedding and it was quite pretty. The weather was perfect and I thought, how wonderful for Paul and Jun Shi to be getting married. I'd hung out with them a couple of times when I was studying in Sydney and could really tell that they really enjoyed each other's company.

(It's actually not as easy as you'd think to find somebody you like hanging out with - one night I sort of hurled myself into a friend's arms so I could quickly hug him goodbye and end the night. I don't usually hug guys goodbye, but I needed that night to stop then and there before I started screaming.)

The bride didn't want her bouquet so she gave it to me hahaha.

JS: I don't know what to do with this? ((waves bouquet

M: You can throw to me!

JS: You want? I give you..

M: OS(( Will I still have marriage luck if you don't throw it? 

The night went fairly smoothly.

It was Tao and my first time emceeing for a wedding. Of course I had mind freeze and of course I tripped in my heels but it wasn't that unexpected.Thanks dad for being our one-man audience-slash-coach the night before.

(The following Saturday Tao and I attended another friend's wedding where they had a restaurant emcee, who was enthusiastically saying the usual wishes like, 'Let this toast be for the groom to buy a shop-lot so the bride can collect rent, what do you think, groom?'

Tao had leaned in and said, 'That's how it's done!'

Haha I'm not sure how Paul would've reacted if I'd asked him to buy shop-lots for JS.)

I finished my dinner and dessert in record time and tried not to inhale Gracie - who was sitting on my left - as well because she is just too cute!

Meng How warned, ‘小心,不要被她电到!’ but his warning came too late. 早就被电晕啦

Family weddings are fun and now I'm trying to convince Tai to hold his wedding near CNY so I can make it. Because, obviously, the world revolves around me.

But actually July would also be ideal, so I get to escape winter hahaha. In fact, July is probably better than CNY, because my love of CNY has cooled slightly.

You know how relatives love asking re boyfriends during CNY? Mine asks re my salary. They do it whenever they see me, but CNY might feel like an ambush.

Usually I smile and say, 'Not much.'

To which the aunties will respond, 'How much is not much?'

M: Just enough to surviv-

A: Do you earn a thousand?

M ((smiles

A: Two thousand?


This makes me very uncomfortable, and I can't imagine ever wanting a piece of non-essential information so much that I put people in an awkward position. Why does it matter so much to them how much I earn?

Still, I do enjoy meeting my grandparents (next year it will be just the grandmas) in the semi-familiar old houses. I just have to get better at deflecting persistent salary questions.

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