Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Turning 26

My last birthday celebration was a 'surprise' birthday dinner at Kanzi Club, which is a Korean restaurant blaring club music - and which turns into a club at the end of the night. It also serves flavoured Korean alcohol - sweet soju and rice wine, which is my favourite alcohol ever!

Dinner was considerably smaller and more intimate compared to last year, and when I asked people, 'Why did you not attend my birthday party?!' the answer is invariably 'I wasn't invited.' Haha you can only use that excuse for so long!

I adore sparklers, and was stoked that Kanzi provides them for birthdays. It just makes everything much more festive!

And here we are trying to re-enact a photo from last year's birthday haha.

After dinner we went to Muse for karaoke, and at the end of the night Rogie surprised me with a little video he put together for my birthday!

It was quite embarrassing because he must have scoured my FB for photos before organising them with captions and music. Man those photos.. there was even one of my brother because R thought that was me! If you ever want to feel paiseh just look at your old photos on social media.

R also wrote 'She was cute..' in the video, implying that I am no longer cute!!! Ok lah I must admit I'm not as cute as I once was, but still! No need to immortalise that in video form. (Still, thanks for the effort oppa, even if he's a different kinda oppa from GD oppa!)

Although I'm struck by how I look strangely sad in the video (not R's, but the video of my birthday) I had fun and danke to my friends for showing up and buying me food, liquor and entertainment to counter the horror of getting older! x

I'm still nowhere near where I should be in life, but at least I have rapidly stabilised upon my return from Malaysia, and am usually in much higher spirits than I was prior.

Tonight is GD oppa's birthday. #Happy818GDay#

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