Wednesday, 23 September 2015


recently my manager's wife had a baby.

our office sent a baby hamper.

i'd asked my director, 'if i have a baby, will i have a baby hamper?'

the answer is 'yes.'

that got me thinking, wtf. why does society still only celebrates family-oriented events?

if i announced, 'i'm not going to have a baby, i'm going to have my tubes tied.' do you think the office will send me flowers?

the more i thought about it the more ridiculous it seemed.

so over dinner i shared these thoughts with the 20-year-old baby of our household, Apes.

but, min, being a mother is a sacrifice.

what sacrifice? being a mother, like other things in life, is a choice. one actively chooses to be a parent. we are here because our parents decided they wanted a family, we didn't force them. so why are parents 'making a sacrifice'? if i have baby, i'm choosing to 'sacrifice', it's my choice.

Apes looked at me like she was getting indigestion from her own cooking then and there.

.. i haven't really thought about it like that.. you didn't say that to your parents, did you?

i'd said once that i didn't ask to be born. they took it well. ((laughs.
they probably said they didn't get a consultation before being born themselves as well, so get over it.

(and although i really wished i'd been beaten up and berated less as a child, my parents gave me everything they could, for which i am grateful.)

and maybe one day we'll have tubes hampers ;p

Sunday, 20 September 2015

gold coast || weekend getaway

It's been years since i flew somewhere for a holiday, so when my friend said he will be working in Gold Coast and living in a nice one-bedder with a sofa bed I practically invited myself over. Poverty knows no shame.

I'd always wanted to go on a weekend getaway - in my imagination, it is the activity du jour (?) of young professionals. But on Thursday night, faced with the task of packing after class (after work) I was starting to regret my brilliant idea.

Still, I made it to the Hilton in one piece after work on Friday night using public transport at 10pm! Google Maps 万岁!

Hilton Surfers Paradise lobby

My sofa bed
 I had the grand tour - my sofa bed is bigger than my bed at home!

After I'd soaked in the bath tub (I love bath tubs!) it was midnight and after deciding on our itinerary for the weekend I sank into the man-shaped indent of the (must be very old) mattress and slept.


As usual, I woke before my 7.15am alarm rang. My legs were a bit cold but otherwise I had a good sleep. Thinking back from my forever-freezing room, I can only say, central heating is a wonderful thing to have.

I felt sorry for my friend who had to wait for me to get ready in the morning - even I don't understand how I can 东摸西摸,摸来摸去就是摸不出门!

We had buffet breakfast at Salt Grill because.. friend gets discounts! Food was okay, the soy flat white was undrinkable, maybe because I only drink Bonsoy, which doesn't seem to exist in Gold Coast. I bought our Dreamworld tickets over breakfast - it's not cheap.

After breakfast we caught a bus to Dreamworld. We'd considered renting a car but the thing is that in Gold Coast, driving or cabbing it only saves you 10 minutes, but costs a lot more - and with renting we'll have to find parking.

Public transport is pretty good in Gold Coast, apart from rude drunks at 4am. We didn't learn about the Go Card until the last day, which would have saved us a pretty penny. It's the Gold Coast public transport card, and it charges cheaper fares compared to the prices for single tickets. There's also a $10/day unlimited travel version for tourists, which I bought to go to the airport.

Every time I see a crocodile I am reminded of this joke -

Why did the crocodile die after knocking on the door?
Because it kok-kok-die!

Hahaha so funny! Or is it just me?

Rest area for kangaroos (and iguanas, if you can spy them!)
Moto coaster

觉得这个 rider storage 设计的非常棒!



毕竟蛮喜欢坐 rides 的,想吓吓自己放松一下。

没想到岁月真的很残忍-我小时候去云顶高原常常想,长辈怎么不陪我们一起玩 rides 呢?

在这残酷的一天终于发现。。it is probably because they are physically unable to!

才坐一个 ride 就觉得有点不舒服了。

但因为付了(有点贵的)入门票还是继续坐,但朋友不行了所以都在 ride 下面等我一个人玩。妈妈的,一个人有什么好玩!(唯一的好处是排队比较快。)


Shrek! I love Shrek - the ultimate anti-fairytale fairytale.

We were so bored that when we stumbled upon this fortune-telling machine, we decided to have our fortunes read.

It asks you a bunch of questions like what your concern is, what is influencing you.. and after it gives you your predictions it prints a summary out onto a piece of good stock paper((笑


其实看到 trainer 和老虎这样0距离接触还挺惊人的!

但 my favourite part of the day is this (look up!)

A tiger cub had recently been born, and it's just like a puppy!

I must have stood in front of the display for at least 10 minutes!

I want one too!

After the tigers, we grabbed lunch and did more wandering around the park, partaking in more retiree-activities like a train ride around the park and a short film (where the most annoying little girl kept kicking the back of my seat, kids can be such monsters).

At around 4pm we went to get our photos for the day. The uncle at the photo shop saw that we had very few photos taken - as we rode on very few rides - and offered to take some photos of us at the park entrance. GC people are nicer than Sydneysiders in general, most of the people we've interacted with have gone out of their way to make our trip more pleasant [heart]

Next stop: Jupiter casino. It's the only casino and Gold Coast and full of retirees and.. Pacific Islanders! I didn't know GC was such a popular destination for them.

Because I don't gamble, I applied for free membership so I could get free drinks, then bought a magazine and promptly fell asleep while flicking through it in the lobby #realretiree (friend was amazed by my ability to drop off anywhere and everywhere.)

We had a 5-course dinner at the restaurant in the Hilton followed by a drink in the apartment -

Kirin Apple Cider with a touch of Pear
I almost finished the whole bottle, and we stayed up till late talking about this and that. Poor friend was exposed to my entire arsenal of Min Questions like What is the meaning of your life? What do you think heaven looks like? 

I need to make normal conversations about property and basic politics but CBF! Can somebody help me give a f? What do people talk about if they're hanging out for a weekend straight anyway?


Laziest Sunday in the history of Min -

Basically woke up, went out for breakfast at Elston -

Nutella pancakes
With marshmallow and maple syrup. Sugar overload.

I ate, and ate, and ate, and still had half the thing left -

What a waste. It's cheaper to DIY at home. Since having pancakes at GC, I've tried making pancakes with Morinaga hot cake mix, and they always turn out well.

After breakfast, guess what we did?

.. We returned to the apartment and I spent the day planning my next holiday while friend watched TV.

We only went outside again around 4pm to the markets - which was small, and I didn't find anything to buy.

After an early dinner at an overpriced Korean BBQ restaurant (how overpriced? Let me put it this way, we paid almost the same amount as our 5-course dinner last night for meagre portions.) we returned to the apartment to prepare for my re-entry into real life aka my friend was egging me to start trying to sleep at 7pm.

I'd booked the first flight back (6:30am), which meant I had to wake at 3am to get ready and catch a bus to the airport orz. I was surprised that I made it through the day!

It was refreshing to relax for a weekend, though I'm not sure if I'll do it again. Still, a weekend getaway is something I'd always wanted to do :)) off my list now!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

the teeny world of Sydney

A couple of Fridays ago I caught up with Jazel for dinner and as soon as we were seated she'd exclaimed, 'We have a mutual friend!'

'Who?' (Not that surprising, seeing as we were introduced by another mutual friend.)

'Jun Shi! You were at her wedding!'

'Whaa.. I was the MC!'

'How did you know her?! I was looking at her wedding photos and thinking hmm.. this girl looks familiar..'

'Yeah haha! That's me!'

'Heard her husband is really smart!'

'That's my cousin!' (She said the right thing!)


'Yeah Jun Shi is now my cousin-in-law!'

The world is so small.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Shinagawa Monkey

As she responded to all these questions, Mizuki was struck by what an uninspired life she'd led. Nothing approaching the dramatic had ever touched her. If her life were a movie, it would be one of those low-budget environmental documentaries guaranteed to put you to sleep. Washed-out scenery stretching out endlessly to the horizon. No changes of scene, no close-ups, nothing exciting, just a flatline experience with nothing whatsoever to draw you in. Nothing ominous, nothing suggestive. Occasionally the camera angle would shift ever so slightly, as if nudged out of its complacency. Mizuki knew it was a counsellor's job to listen to her clients, but she started to feel sorry for the woman who was having to listen so intently to such a tedious life story. Surely she couldn't suppress a yawn for ever. If it were me and I had to listen to endless tales of stale lives like mine, Mizuki thought, at some point I'd keel over from sheer boredom.

Haruki Murakami
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman


Last Saturday I watched Go away, Mr Tumour with Cat. The trailer didn't pique my interest - maybe because I'd already seen the lead actress Bai Baihe die not just once, but twice onscreen in ridiculous movies and didn't particularly want to see her die again.

Maybe because my expectations were nonexistent, I found the movie quite enjoyable. The slapstick humour was a bit much in the beginning, and at times Bear's (lead character) fantasies broke the flow of the story, but there were moments when I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. (Can't remember the last time I was so amused.)

As the movie title suggests, the plot is about a girl battling cancer with unbelievable optimism. Despite the heavy subject, if I could use only 1 word to describe the movie it would be 'funny'.

And Daniel Wu, now 40-years-old and a father, has still got it.

Still so handsome after all these years!

Bai Baihe is really pretty in this movie - I was thinking, She seems to be a bit meatier than usual. Then in an interview, she revealed that she had to gain weight to 60kg for her role as the real-life Bear was quite chubby. Still, Baihe looks wonderful with the added weight and still quite thin despite the 8kg gain. I'd thought she was a young actress but she's already 30 with a child in primary school! She's also one of the top actresses in China, where Go Away toppled her other movie Monster Hunt from the top of the Chinese box office.


This is my favourite line from the movie. 

(After the movie Cat told me it was based on the autobiographical comic drawn by a late cartoonist in China while she was undergoing treatment to distract herself, which makes the movie all the more poignant.)


And in the spirit of not living a safe and dull life, I mustered up the courage to say hi to the cute guy at work today.(天啊我好怂啊)

.. Aannndddd he responded with a look which can only be described as 'pure horror'. 

I'm not sure why because despite the fact that my mascara has somehow decided to move from my lashes to under my eyes, I think I still look like a normal human being. 


I don't care, 明天见到他再跟他 say hi 多一次嘿嘿~