Monday, 7 September 2015

Shinagawa Monkey

As she responded to all these questions, Mizuki was struck by what an uninspired life she'd led. Nothing approaching the dramatic had ever touched her. If her life were a movie, it would be one of those low-budget environmental documentaries guaranteed to put you to sleep. Washed-out scenery stretching out endlessly to the horizon. No changes of scene, no close-ups, nothing exciting, just a flatline experience with nothing whatsoever to draw you in. Nothing ominous, nothing suggestive. Occasionally the camera angle would shift ever so slightly, as if nudged out of its complacency. Mizuki knew it was a counsellor's job to listen to her clients, but she started to feel sorry for the woman who was having to listen so intently to such a tedious life story. Surely she couldn't suppress a yawn for ever. If it were me and I had to listen to endless tales of stale lives like mine, Mizuki thought, at some point I'd keel over from sheer boredom.

Haruki Murakami
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman


Last Saturday I watched Go away, Mr Tumour with Cat. The trailer didn't pique my interest - maybe because I'd already seen the lead actress Bai Baihe die not just once, but twice onscreen in ridiculous movies and didn't particularly want to see her die again.

Maybe because my expectations were nonexistent, I found the movie quite enjoyable. The slapstick humour was a bit much in the beginning, and at times Bear's (lead character) fantasies broke the flow of the story, but there were moments when I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. (Can't remember the last time I was so amused.)

As the movie title suggests, the plot is about a girl battling cancer with unbelievable optimism. Despite the heavy subject, if I could use only 1 word to describe the movie it would be 'funny'.

And Daniel Wu, now 40-years-old and a father, has still got it.

Still so handsome after all these years!

Bai Baihe is really pretty in this movie - I was thinking, She seems to be a bit meatier than usual. Then in an interview, she revealed that she had to gain weight to 60kg for her role as the real-life Bear was quite chubby. Still, Baihe looks wonderful with the added weight and still quite thin despite the 8kg gain. I'd thought she was a young actress but she's already 30 with a child in primary school! She's also one of the top actresses in China, where Go Away toppled her other movie Monster Hunt from the top of the Chinese box office.


This is my favourite line from the movie. 

(After the movie Cat told me it was based on the autobiographical comic drawn by a late cartoonist in China while she was undergoing treatment to distract herself, which makes the movie all the more poignant.)


And in the spirit of not living a safe and dull life, I mustered up the courage to say hi to the cute guy at work today.(天啊我好怂啊)

.. Aannndddd he responded with a look which can only be described as 'pure horror'. 

I'm not sure why because despite the fact that my mascara has somehow decided to move from my lashes to under my eyes, I think I still look like a normal human being. 


I don't care, 明天见到他再跟他 say hi 多一次嘿嘿~

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