Wednesday, 23 September 2015


recently my manager's wife had a baby.

our office sent a baby hamper.

i'd asked my director, 'if i have a baby, will i have a baby hamper?'

the answer is 'yes.'

that got me thinking, wtf. why does society still only celebrates family-oriented events?

if i announced, 'i'm not going to have a baby, i'm going to have my tubes tied.' do you think the office will send me flowers?

the more i thought about it the more ridiculous it seemed.

so over dinner i shared these thoughts with the 20-year-old baby of our household, Apes.

but, min, being a mother is a sacrifice.

what sacrifice? being a mother, like other things in life, is a choice. one actively chooses to be a parent. we are here because our parents decided they wanted a family, we didn't force them. so why are parents 'making a sacrifice'? if i have baby, i'm choosing to 'sacrifice', it's my choice.

Apes looked at me like she was getting indigestion from her own cooking then and there.

.. i haven't really thought about it like that.. you didn't say that to your parents, did you?

i'd said once that i didn't ask to be born. they took it well. ((laughs.
they probably said they didn't get a consultation before being born themselves as well, so get over it.

(and although i really wished i'd been beaten up and berated less as a child, my parents gave me everything they could, for which i am grateful.)

and maybe one day we'll have tubes hampers ;p

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