Wednesday, 21 October 2015

bang bang bang

okay la finally my dream came true and i managed to upgrade to a VIP seat at Bigbang's MADE concert in Sydney!!!

As time went by the scalpers probably realised they overdid it and were selling their tickets at a lower price than Ticketek. And Ticketek released more tickets themselves. So yay!!

The VIP Package includes was supposed to include -

  1. One VIP Reserve Seat ticket
  2. Exclusive access to the BIGBANG soundcheck
  3. Early entrance to the venue before general doors
  4. Commemorative VIP laminate
  5. Specially designed BIGBANG gift bag (exclusive for VIPs)
  6. Designated VIP check-in.
What laminate? Laminate my foot! And what specially designed gift bag?! It was for sale at the merchandise kiosks! (To think I woke at 7am on a Sunday to go pick up my 'specially designed bag'.)

Award Entertainment cannot be trusted.. but still, can't complain, because they were the only organisers who had the funds to bring BB into Australia. (Heard from a friend that usually Asian celebrities only get paid after the concerts, but BB has enough clout to demand upfront payment just to show up.)

(Of course they have clout, behind BB is YG, and behind YG is.. LVMH!!!)

(Looks like I cannot escape from LVMH in this life.. 此生逃不出 LVMH 的魔掌)

Now let's look at the VIP Package Schedule
* Times may be subject to change.

Main point - * Times may be subject to change.
* Times may be subject to change.
* Times may be subject to change.

Why don't they just tell the truth - * Delay by 3 hours.

I think it's getting obvious that I never want to touch anything by the Award Group ever again.

10am - 11.15am
Collect VIP Package accreditation and specially designed BB gift bag from the designated VIP check-in ^Please do not be late or you will miss out on the Sound Check.

Reality: I arrived at 10.30am, there was a long line, and the designated VIP check-in WASN'T EVEN OPEN. Surprisingly, a number of people went alone. I met my doppelgänger - another 26-year-old girl from Malaysia who works in Sydney now.

And from what I eavesdropped, there are fangirls who were at their concert the day before!!! And are attending again!!!

Entry into the venue for sound check to begin!

Reality: After cloaking my bag at 11.30am, I was informed that Sound Check would begin at 1pm. ((faints. The hardcore fans were sitting down at the Sound Check entrance - I left Allphones Arena in search of breakfast and coffee. Too old for this shit!

Thankfully I had brought a book with me.

Early entry external doors open.

Reality: I'm waiting for Sound Check to begin. At 3pm+ BB finally trails onstage in sunnies / face masks. No photos of BB because security was super strict. 

This Chinese girl kept exclaiming, 'Wow! Look at that girl! How can she read in here?!'
I wanted to say, 'I can understand you, you know.'
Looking at these photos, I'm also thinking, how on earth did I read in this crowded semi-darkness?!

The yet-to-be-filled arena
Personally the Sound Check was my favourite segment :)) Finally seeing BB in the flesh, close enough to see the ink on GD oppa's arms.. it was amazing and weird at the same time. They are ridiculously handsome and fit - GD is not as skinny as he appears onscreen, and Daesung is more good-looking IRL. TOP is just.. wow. 

And as usual, Seungri tried the hardest. ((摸头

They sang 3 songs and left, which is good, because any longer I might've died from overexcitement. 

BIGBANG on stage.

A surprisingly good turnout

Reality: A bit after 5pm BB came onstage, which was quite punctual. I was seated behind a middle-aged ahjumma who came alone, and next to this passionate white chick with BO. Every time the passionate white chick 'waved her hands in the air' I nearly died.

Seungri said his mother is attending the concert, and I couldn't help but wonder if the ahjumma in front of me is his mother - she smells expensive, and why else would a middle-aged lady attend a boyband concert alone? 

Concert was good - I can't say it was excellent, because Sydney is a tough crowd. I think I have only been to another concert in Sydney (Mayday) and Sydneysiders are hard to please! A good concert requires not just a solid performance but also a responsive crowd, and Sydneysiders are a bit cool and chic when it comes to responding. (Also I felt drained from all the waiting around and reading, and didn't have much energy left to cheer endlessly.)

The boys were working really hard, and of course Korean entertainers are of very high calibre. They spoke good English albeit with limited vocabulary, and were goofy. I liked the funny mini interactions best, followed closely by GD x Taeyang's Good Boy. They bounced off each other well, and seemed like they really enjoyed themselves, which makes it fun to watch.

Of course I was disappointed that GD did most of his fan service at the other end, but whatever, they can't actually see us anyway. 

More disappointed by the fact that I continue to love him anyway, and the second I saw his Space Grey iPhone 6s on Instagram, I'd changed my mind about getting Rose Gold and ordered a Grey instead. Just like that.


On Monday I bought my morning coffee from Mecca opposite Four Seasons Sydney, where they were rumoured to be staying. (There were 2 Chinese chicks buying coffee as well, one with a Four Seasons envelope, looks like they are more fangirly than I am.)

Lunch? Four Season's Pei Modern with Maz. I didn't like my entree (because I didn't realise my wagyu would be cured) and the coffee took so long to arrive I'd left without it. And of course I didn't see BB because according to XXXIBGDRGN, he was on a boat at sea for the day! Only good thing was catching up with the lovely Maz.

And lunch today was spent sitting outdoors at Starbucks (close enough to Four Seasons), speculating with my colleague if BB are still in Sydney.

(My 20-year-old housemate told me her classmate caught Taeyang's scarf at the concert, but had her knuckles clawed badly by other fangirls. 

'What did the scarf smell like?' me.

'WHAT?!' April.

'I swear, your classmate would've sniffed it. Lucky girl!'

'But her hands look really bad!'

'I wish I could've caught GD's towel! I bet it smells like lemons!'

'Min, you talk like a teenager!')

Now they are in Melbourne, 姐也圆了我的少女梦。

Need to grow up now.