Sunday, 14 February 2016

jan 2016 in photos

kicked off the new year at k's.

this is what the railway station looks like when it's full.

thankfully the trains come every 2 minutes.

and thankfully i sleep at k's every new year i spend at hers.

on new year's day we (in a fit of insanity) decided to hit the beach.

evidently, as we found out after almost an hour of circling Balmoral beach looking for parking, every Sydneysider and his dog had the same plan.

so we gave up and visited Middle Head.

can't blame everybody for wanting to go to the beach.

Sydney is really a pretty place to live.

it's hard to survive, but it's such a beautiful city with lots of things to do.

in the words of my German housemate, 'it is a city where people all over the world come to make vacation.' ((笑

we discovered Chowder Bay beach while stopping at cafe for iced drinks.

personally, it does nothing for me as it was rather dirty - there was a condom amongst the rubbish on the beach - but my friends seemed to like it for the mere fact that it isn't crammed full of human beings.

after a walk on the beach, we drove to another friend's home to say hi, then it was off to dinner at Jang Ta Bal.

Lenny is really good at BBQ-ing the meat, and we were served steamed eggs on the house, so i was delighted with the meal.

surely it's an auspicious sign - receiving free food on New Year's Day ;p

on 2 Jan, K and i (joined at the hips since her boyfriend is away) did groceries together - and saw this ladybug on the Chinese broccoli.

'see how fresh the veggie is..' :))

on 9 Jan, Y returned from a work trip and we converged at Maz's for dinner and white chocolate chai (mine with almond milk).

i don't like chai but this was good. (it has to be, with all the chocolate that went in.)

as if that's not enough indulgence, we topped it off with stroopwafels which Maz's housemate brought back from UK ;p

it's a caramel-filled waffle which you heat above your drink (using the wafel-holder which comes with the wafels) so the caramel melts.

so ingenious!

10 Jan - the girls keeping me company while i cook dinner ;p

i usually get along with my housemates, but these girls are amongst my top 3 housemates.

i can't really afford to live in this house, and i really want a pet, but it's difficult for me to leave my household.

i like how we take turns with the cooking, and C and A make an effort to celebrate events in our lives. sometimes it feels even more family than my blood family.

16 Jan - that intense day full of activities with K!

i'd seen The Sound of Music musical in Malaysia before, but this was even better.

i wasn't planning on going, but K's boyfriend couldn't make it, so i got to fill in.

交友谨慎 是这样用吗?


17 Jan - after going to the gym together, C made this salad with salmon sashimi for me while i showered and got ready to go for violin class.

nothing gives me the fuzzies more than people cooking just. for. me.

it's my first time eating raw salmon from the supermarket, but i have faith in my stomach. and it was yummy.

C never uses dressing for her salads, but they still taste amazing because she adds apples.

The Rabbits - quite depressing opera about the colonisation of Australia.

26 Jan - Australia Day BBQ at home.

as usual, i'd wanted to celebrate by lazing in bed, but who do i live with? who are my best friends? only the most energetic people on the North Shore :))

28 Jan - The Greats at the Art Gallery of NSW.

how fun is this?!

the Art Gallery had run out of boards when i arrived, so i didn't draw.

there was even a pedestal where you could go up to pose as a live model (not pictured).

because i couldn't draw, i decided to buy an Art Pass to the Sydney International Art Series.

we got a really good guide, and having music to accompany the art-viewing took the experience to a whole new level.

this was my favourite piece -

cooking pineapple jam

30 Jan - another one of those overbooked days.

Korean class > baking pineapple tarts > Matilda musical at Sydney Lyric Theatre

i almost had a nervous breakdown, but it was a fun day.

we (and by 'we', i mean 'i') kept rewarding ourselves with Maz's homemade mango-lychee popsicles.

because making pineapple jam from scratch is no joke.

i left early to eat dinner before catching Matilda with D.

Kuan suggested the Sokyo Ramen Pop Up at The Star, so that's what i had.

i have to go back and try their Yuzu ramen!

Matilda was really good!

i didn't want to go (i never want to go to anything which isn't free) but it was awesome.

in fact, i also don't like kids singing live because they tend to be shrill but the storyline was super (what else can i expect from Roald Dahl, eh?) and the effects were full-on.

i'm used to the understated sets of Sydney Theatre Co, so Matilda was full-blown stimulation to me.

afterwards D drove me home and came in 'because we didn't get to talk'.

talking!! my 死穴!!!

after finishing Susan Cain's Quiet i realised i'm not an introvert. i don't enjoy having deep and meaningful conversations. ideally all conversations would be funny, and funny only.

(i'm neither an introvert nor an extrovert - i seem to have the flaws of both, and the pros of none. it's awful.)

31 Jan - saw a Laduree recipe book while browsing at Sappho Books, a secondhand bookshop/cafe.

too bad our oven doesn't work properly.


回首 2016 第一个月觉得,活动多的有点可怕。




2 月的活动也是多的有点恐怖。


 still working to balance gym with violin practice and other things i want to do.

trying to find a sweet spot - gym takes up time, and grade 2 violin is actually hard. my violin teacher didn't give me any new pieces for the entire month because i haven't mastered the piece/exercises i was working on.

hopefully things will fall (more) into place in February.

also, how lucky i am to have friends who are nice to me.

(i seem to always think people are nice to me.) (又有病)



happy new year!

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