Sunday, 28 February 2016

valentine sushi night

sorry about the ugly photos, i was so frustrated by sushi-making that i cbf to take nice photos.

on v-day, Christin (German) decided to do a sushi night because she's shocked that April and I have never made sushi before, being Asians.

i cooked the sushi rice (badly, it could've been more moist) and Christin sliced raw salmon we bought from the fishmonger's in the morning. then the German taught the Asians how to roll sushi. (she learned it from a Frenchie. go figure.)

it's not too difficult, although my first one was hideous. the key is to pack all the ingredients tightly into a small row for easy rolling.

and one can never go wrong with salmon + avo + cream cheese (optional). salmon avo roll is one of my absolute favorite foods atm.

it was a fun way to spend v-day ^^ and i learned something new.

maybe i can even try making kimbap one day!

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