Sunday, 19 June 2016

new housemates

Since my sister wanted an update, here's the main one -

I have 2 new housemates.

I was very disorientated upon my return from my month-long trip to Malaysia, and I'm guessing it's partly because Christin and Asiri had moved out during my trip, replaced by Ben and Simon.

And partly because it takes a month to form a new habit, and I'd been re-adapting to the heat, humidity and crappy drivers of Malaysia, enjoying the wide array of food options and my family's company. (Mum was in USA and Canada for most of my trip, so we only had one major fight.)
If I had the freedom to clean the house as I please / hire gardeners / hourly maids / cook in the kitchen, I wouldn't mind moving to Malaysia. However, it's all wishful thinking.

Ahma's 卤肉
On the second day of my return to Sydney, I bought a second heater to help make winter less miserable. Already feeling the ROI - I don't dread showers anymore and my room temperature is always bordering on tropical. (Still trying to find the sweet spot in heating - an overheated room can make it hard to sleep.)

Ben has been described as a 'true blue Aussie', whatever that means. I find him very nice and health-conscious. He also surfs. (Is that the definition of a true blue Aussie?)

Simon is young, prolly still in uni, with an ABC Chinese-Thai girlfriend who makes sculptures. He smokes and works nights answering emergency phone calls for insurance companies. He's proactive at doing dishes ;p

The end.

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