Tuesday, 5 July 2016

on being in malaysia for more than a month

It's been almost a month since i returned to Sydney - enough time for me to adore my new housemate Ben, and beh tahan new housemate Simon and his ever-present girlfriend. (stop staying over, stop eating our food, stop using our hot water and stop doing your laundry here!)

The highlight of my trip home is *drumrolls* the fact that i got to live with my ahma for 3 weeks.

I haven't hung out so intensively with ahma since i was a little girl!

Every morning I'd wake up at 7am and start working, whilst ahma made coffee.
Then we'll breakfast together.

After breakfast most days we'd drive to the nearby pasar to buy groceries.
Ahma will cook lunch at home while I went to dad's office.
I'll come home to eat lunch - we usually didn't get to eat lunch together as my hours are erratic.

After lunch ahma will come with me to the office if she's feeling energetic, or take a nap on our battered sofa at home otherwise.

I'll return home after work, and call Tao to see if she's joining us for dinner.
If it's not too late, ahma and I will wait; if it is, we'll eat first.
After doing the dishes, Tao the pattern queen will either whip up dessert (yogurt for ahma so she can join!) or we'll hang out in the living room (享受天伦之乐,in ahma's words).

Most of the time I just enjoyed being in ahma's presence, and it was also quite fun to listen to gossip! Cannot imagine how gossipy ahma is!

It was quite a peaceful routine.
Sometimes ahma would whip out her little 'black book' and we'll make arrangements to have relos visit.

Ahma's little 'black book'

I also visited popo. We didn't speak much (I'm terrible at making conversation) but popo recognized me :) She was like her old hospitable self again, and asked me to stay the night so I can eat some yummy food.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay because I had no transport, but it was good to see popo.

On the rare nights when I went out with friends-

Drinks in Changkat

We had free drinks (Ladies Night) until 2am. Penny and Yeow drink like fishes! I am ageing and unable to enjoy heavy drinking and staying up late anymore!

And a week before parents were due to return, dad dropped a bomb by saying they'll be back tomorrow. (We only found out because we'd run out of gas and was asking mum for her supplier's number.)
Cue major panic as Tao'd bought ingredients to cook chicken curry and onion soup.
We were under strict instructions not to cook in mum's kitchen, so the existence of the ingredients would be proof that we had defied her majesty's wishes.
(We got into trouble anyway, but I guess dad got the worst of it.)

Cousin Suanie graciously let Tao cook at her lovely apartment -

Tao's onion soup and chicken curry
PlateCulture - Persian rice cake
Suanie, Lyanna, Tao and I had a PlateCulture dinner. We had Persian cuisine and I was too lazy to take photos (very regretful now) but this rice cake made the cut because it's so cool! (I've been told that I sometimes make no sense when I talk.)

It was a good experience, it was us 4 and an artsy couple - Suanie (being the hip girl about town) knew the guy, who was an actor!
The girl commented that it's nice to see cousins getting along and I laughed because I thought she was joking, but apparently IRL some people hate their cousins!

I'm moderately close to most of my cousins, and I find them funny and/or enjoy being with them, so being me, I assumed everybody else likes their cousins too. That's a habit I have, thinking people are just. Like. Me.

A reasonably drama-free (only 1 cry) trip home. It was good to spend time with family (and friends) - looking forward to seeing everybody again ^^