Tuesday, 6 September 2016

david jones flower show

I've lived in Sydney for 5 years without realising that every spring, David Jones puts on a flower show.

And I probably would have spent the next 5 years without knowing what I'm missing out on, but this year my friend Tash worked on the flowers, so we went to check out the show.

(M: Is this the first ever flower show?'

Everybody: No, DJ has had it annually since.. forever.)

I've never experienced anything quite like this before - there were massive fresh flower instalments within the store, and inhaling the fresh, subtle scents while getting free samples browsing was a whole new level of pleasure.

We went to DJ on the launch day, which was also Vogue's Fashion Night Out. I always actively avoid crowds, so I never knew FNO was so awesome! There were free sweets (Messina gelato, vanilla sea salt soft serve, fairy floss, Lindt chocolate balls, #doughnutime), t2, cocktail and champagne stations throughout David Jones. After nabbing nibbles you can check out the deals on offer or wander around getting skincare samples and/or free manicures.

Tash the florist surrounded by her fans
After Tash joined us, we scored extra deluxe samples by announcing, 'She did the flowers!'

I keep meaning to return and take photos when it's not so crowded, but since the gahmen scrapped the free-after-8-journeys incentive on public transport, I'm much less inclined to just pop out whenever.

Flowers in spring are the best.

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