Monday, 5 September 2016

my first au wedding

moi, Mei, Tash

Finally I got to attend an Aussie wedding.

KW + I

I was an hour late to the reception - because I had class in the morning, then had to go shopping for a pair of heels to wear to the dinner, by the time I reached home I was tired and needed a nap etc.

Our close-knit group was split across different tables around the room, but still we congregated around the stage to catch up.

Apparently the food and alcohol selection was considered good - I have nothing to compare it to, but that's what my friends told me. It was also well-run, one 环节 after the other.

Here are numerous shots of KW and I - 2 38 zhabors plucking the baby's breath from the table pieces and sticking them in our hair (and then fantasising about Sam Claflin hehehe).

you are sweet, like a honey bee..

I quite like the concept of a 3/4 course meal, as opposed to a 10-course banquet.

And the dancing was pretty fun, because we were the biggest group on the dance floor, so no matter where you were on the dance floor, there was a friend to dance with!

Because it was an ABC wedding, the newlyweds had a wishing well instead of a gift registry. So I prepared an angpao, similar to when I attend weddings in Malaysia. Well, I actually wrote out a card and stuffed money into the envelope, because I didn't realise I had a packet of angpaos.

For my next wedding (this Saturday!) I'll be more organised - I have wedding shoes, I'll be on time and I'll prepare my angpao on Friday night so I don't have to ask my friend sitting beside at the reception, 'Hey, do you have cash?'

In fact, my shit will be so together that I'll even bring an extra pair of shoes for when my wedding shoes hurt.

Everybody is getting hitched! It's a bit scary.

And I'm not sure if I can fit into my party dresses - that's even scarier.

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