Wednesday, 7 September 2016

sydney cherry blossom festival

Sydney has sakuras. (So what was I doing in April, moping for cherry blossoms - which I'd seen, but forgotten - in Japan.)

Japanese gardens. Tick.
Massive crowds. Tick.

It's like hanami in Japan, but with overpriced Japanese food!

It's quite organised and you get free entry if you're dressed up (cosplay or kimono).

#tbt the crowds were quite overwhelming. And there were heaps of bees buzzing around the blossoms, which freaked me out a little.
But I heard the gardens practically empties out around 3pm.
If I ever do go again, I won't do it in the morning.

I went with my friend's friends.

Before I left the house, I'd told Frenchie my hanami plans over breakfast.

'Auburn is really far, no?'

'And you will take the train for an hour to see the blossoms?'
45 minutes.

'Because we have them all along our street.'

It's true though. At the end of winter the cherry blossoms explodes with colours and the walk from home to the railway station can be quite charming. (Pardon the bad photo, it was an overcast day.)

After wandering around the park grounds (where we saw an albino kangaroo at the mini zoo), Maz, KC and I met up with Dat for bingsu-

YUM. I heard there's this famous bingsu place in Malaysia, which I totally wanna try in October!

At night we had galette -

I can only say.. Four Frogs Creperie is the place to go to for awesome crepes, not my home((小声

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