Sunday, 2 October 2016

jalice wedding [curzon place x le montage]

I can never get ready on time for weddings.

Which was why, for JAlice's wedding, I caught an Uber instead of the train.

Which led me to arrive more than an hour earlier than the ceremony start time - the couple had quoted an earlier start time so everybody will be on time.

Luckily I bumped into Stan at Curzon and he drove us to Macquarie Centre for breakfast.

Curzon Place is a wedding venue- old and quaint.
The staff seem a bit jaded though.

The ceremony was lovely but my $750 Varas, the sun and the wind were conspiring to kill me.
The only way I can wear Varas without my toes falling off is by wearing stockings.
But the stockings + my dress create so much static that when my friend touched me I yelped in pain, so no stockings.

I realised that the reason I hate being in the sun in because I invariably get sunstroke.

And then I feel queasy and have to take Eve headache painkillers.

Me + the parasol gifted by Mei
My (very girly) dress cost $100! (Weddings are expensive in many ways..)
And it ripped the first time I wore it! I expected slightly more from $100..
So I went home to change after the ceremony.

Le Montage is gorgeous at night.

The main was !@#$ but the starter, entree and dessert were good.

Photo booth
So here it is! A record of the first wedding ceremony I attended.

The newlyweds were good-looking, their friends were good-looking.
It was a wedding full of beautiful people.

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