Tuesday, 29 November 2016

很废的 housemate

Tonight nobody cooked dinner, so I stood at the counter eating kimchi from the jar with my fingers, oozing class and sophistication.

Ben came into the kitchen and exclaimed, 'Whoa! Min! Put the lid back on!'

'Wanna try?' I lifted the jar.

'No! Your crap must smell really strong after eating that!'

Haha what on earth. I seriously never thought of kimchi affecting my shit's odour.

So I ate some more kimchi, then opened my mouth and leaned in to Ben.

This is how conversations run at #28.

I'll be recording the daily mundaneness of my life more often recently because look what I bought on Black Friday!

New housemate Elaine encouraged me to buy it!

I struggled for days (actually, years) and finally caved, because my 11'' Air is too small for my 27yo eyes.

21.5'' screen is awesome! But I miss having a trackpad.

And life will continue sucking until payday.

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