Saturday, 3 December 2016


grilled nectarine, pistachio oil
Last night Kw took me to dinner at ACME to celebrate my foray (?) into adulthood.

Not sure how long I can keep #adulting haha.

We went to ACME - the review on Timeout was all kinds of amazing. It's the kind of 'grammable, hipster fusion restaurants for yuppies which I like but rarely frequent because they're not cheap.

I think that Kw has integrated into Australian society more seamlessly than I have - she starts (and ends) dinner with alcoholic drinks (I still dislike the taste of alcohol and I itched like mad after I had my umeshu), then we talked before ordering (I always order first, or when prompted by staff) despite the increasingly obvious nudges by the lovely staff, as we only had our bar table for 2 hours.

beef salad
The food is awesome. The grilled nectarine was a total flavor explosion in the mouth, and the creamy pistachio oil balanced out the caramel sweetness of the fruit.

Beef salad was a bit like Thai beef salad. It's good and simple, but not the dish that I fantasize about returning to eat.

We also had the linguine, black garlic, burnt chili and macaroni, pigs head, egg yolk. ACME has a sharing concept and the wait staff will advise you if the food doesn't seem to be enough as the portions are small.

The linguine's texture was a bit stiff, kinda like Asian dry noodles. I love the macaroni, which must be ACME's signature dish. This would be the dish I dream about eating again. Timeout has a delicious photo of the macaroni. I love fresh pasta, and I can say that the macaroni here is probably the 2nd or 3rd best I've tried in Sydney - Pendolino's pappardelle is #1, and #2 or #3 is Fratelli Fresh.

I'm having a noodles phase recently, what with my recent tsukemen obsession then now fresh pasta.

The bar staff (owner?) was hilariously honest. We were making small talk, commenting about oh, can't believe it's been a year! when he said, 'yeah, can't wait for 2016 to be over, it was such a shit year.'

Haha I've never met a bartender who talks like that. He continued, 'Didn't you have a shit year? Everybody I knew had a shit year.'

We ended with sake for Kw and the coconut rice cream, white chocolate dessert for me. The dessert was generously sized, and good. I only like coconut when its flavor isn't overwhelming, and the interplay of hot/cold, creamy/crunchy in this dessert makes it interesting.

So much good food in Sydney!

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