Monday, 5 December 2016

cousin lyanna visits

Cousin Lyanna visited Sydney last weekend, and it was fun to catch up and show her my fave restaurants.

We went to

1/ Fratelli Fresh for black truffle, mozzarella, egg pizza, bellini and shiraz
(where i reconfirmed my habit of continuously eating/drinking until my dining partner assures me i don't have to finish if i don't want to.)

2/ Black Star Pastry for strawberry watermelon cake
(sekali sold out =.=)


3/ N2 Extreme Gelato for alcoholic Baileys Cheesecake gelato
(she was amazed by the substantial size and creamy non-sweet flavor.)

4/ Hurricane's Grill and Bar for their famous ribs
(the garlic mushrooms entree was good, too. however i was super thirsty on Sunday night, so there must be tons of MSG in the food.)

There were a bajillion other eateries I wanted to show her, maybe during another trip..

Lyanna loves performances, and even before we watched Spiegel'esque at Spiegel Zelt, we'd stopped to watch an impressive breakdance street performance with 6-packed French men. She asked to take photos with the performers after, which is something I'm forever too shy to do.

Spiegel had the strongest pole dancer I've ever seen doing gravity and (biology?) defying moves. If it weren't for my cousin I never would've discovered Spiegel. [hearts]

I hugged Lyanna bye at Sydney Opera House today, where she's watching one of my fave plays - a flea in her ear. 

yep, post poo drops

Thanks cousin for the gift, and looking forward to seeing everybody at cousin Tai's wedding whee!

And if anybody else visits, we're eating
1/ Tsukemen at Ramen Zundo
2/ dry hot pot
3/ crepes at Four Frogs

We're shopping at
1/ Chemist Warehouse
2/ Woolies or Coles
(People go nuts in these 2 shops)

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