Sunday, 18 December 2016


15 dec - an early Christmas celebration with expensive angmo style dim sum at Work In Progress and Janie's amazing chocolate Nutella cake!

and then in reverse chronological order..

10 dec - at the opening of Stan's bakery in Eastwood, with Becs.

7 dec - one day Maz mentioned Ippudo was doing $10 ramen, and this happened that very night (points up.

Stan brought bread for us to sample. Yum!

the year is winding down, the weather is doing daily alternates of heat waves / cold rain and i feel a bit dazed because my love life is sad, but what to do? (at least my love life is 'funny like a tv sitcom' to my friends. i'm so happy my misery brings you joy.)

can only 见招拆招 😊 and go out more.

i'm so lazy when it comes to going out i beh tahan myself. i arrived at a party on Friday night after 11pm, and people were shocked to hear i was so late because i went home to shower after work and couldn't part from my bed.

(i finally rolled out of bed into the shower at 10pm after Kw gave me a pep talk, and i'm glad i went. one feels less miserable when sipping orange juice + vodka and playing games with friends. thank goodness for Kw!)

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