Sunday, 9 July 2017

South Korea SEOUL || Day 1 (Dong Seoul Hotel)

My first time flying Asiana and I was overly impressed by the inflight slippers in economy. Which meant everybody took their shoes off, but thankfully nobody had Hong Kong feet!

Koreans are hygienic people, as proven by the lack of stinky feet and the long queue at the toilets after meals as every. single. Korean. went to brush their teeth.

Apparently Asiana's Korean cuisine is famous but because I didn't research the airline, I hesitated for 1 second when asked for my meal preference and lost my bibimpap. However the air stewardess was so breathtakingly beautiful and looked so genuinely sad that I couldn't eat bibimpap that I reassured her (and myself) that it was ok, because her eyes were so big and watery that I couldn't sulk at her.

Finally we arrived in Seoul, got our SIMs and train tickets, and here I am grinning loonily on a Korean train, with hangeul and a legit Korean man behind me and everything. I know this is a bad photo because I texted it to a Tinder and never heard from him again hahaha.

We trained to Dong Seoul bus terminal, where we'd booked a room at Dong Seoul Hotel so we can easily catch a bus to Andong the next morning.

It was 0 degree celsius when we stepped out of the train, and I almost died.

Thankfully the hotel was well-heated, and we were upgraded to a suite -

Albeit an old suite which made me feel like I should be doing some shady business deals.

Proximity to the bus terminal is good, and the room is ok for 1 night.

After unloading and having a giggle over the furniture, we went out for supper.

There were several stalls around the hotel, and all of them looked exactly the way roadside food stalls look in Korean dramas!!!

The proprietor didn't speak English, but some young Koreans sitting at the counter did, so here I am with my dream-came-true expression. Always wanted to eat fish cakes in broth from a stall.

Mei had breaded sausage.

When you're done eating, you can clean your fingers using the toilet paper strung up at the counter. Hahaha.

1 April 2017